Content marketing for health and wellbeing businesses

Drive website traffic and generate leads with a monthly blog

and aligned social media and email copy


Is content creation keeping you stuck?

You’ve got loads of thoughts and ideas bubbling up in your mind every day, thoughts that you know will change lives. 

You’re ready to use content marketing to get those ideas to the people who need them…but every time you think about writing a blog, you feel a bit sick.  

Deep down you’d love to ask someone to help you with it, but you’re sceptical about those content writers who claim they can write about anything. 

Instead, you’re looking for someone who gets it - who’s got experience writing about scientific concepts but who also knows how to keep readers reading, and convert them into clients, all while making it sound exactly like you. 

Well… that’s where I come in ☺️

Katie Earl Editing

How I can help you

Long-term monthly blog-writing support that you can count on

Every month, you’ll get a blog written, optimised, and uploaded to your website for you. I’ll also provide social media posts and email copy so that you can promote the blogs to your followers.

Content marketing for the health sector

Launch your blog in 6 weeks

If short-term help to get your blog off the ground is more your thing, let’s rip the band aid off together. Get five blogs written in the space of 6 weeks and finally get your ideas out to the world.

Katie Earl Editing for health sector content marketing

What my clients say about me


Rachel Whiteside-Blaxter DipPFS CRFP - Independent Financial Adviser / Planner

Katie is such a lovely approachable person and she really knows her stuff when it comes to blogging. Being a novice and wanting to start writing some blogs I reached out to Katie for some help, and my word did she help. She helped me drill down and focus on my ideal clients and what I wanted to tell them. She made me feel at complete ease and provided great constructive help with the tone and content of my writing. For anyone needing some help with their blogging Katie is your woman and I have no hesitation in recommending her. Thank you, Katie.


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