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Imagine working with someone who listened - really listened - to the ideas and stories that you wanted to tell and helped you to get them out to the world?

Someone who could see the change you want to make and made sure that your audience could see it too?

I'm Katie, a blog writer for coaches, consultants, and counsellors, and that 👆👆👆 is how I help my clients to get their regular blog written and uploaded to their website!

When we partner together, I take the time to understand your unique voice, message, and mission. I then use a range of tools and techniques to write optimised blogs for you that grow your audience, and nurture your readers from strangers to clients over and over again.


Free blogging resources


The Ultimate Guide to Optimising and Uploading your Blog

Tags? Slugs? WTF?! This handy e-guide will explain the definitions of all of those terms and help you to get your blog optimised and uploaded in minutes.

How to Turn a Social Media Post into an Evergreen Blog

In this video masterclass, I take you step-by-step through a simple process for turning your social posts into blogs that last.

Free Facebook group: Blog Magic

Blog Magic: Blogging Hints and Tips for Coaches, Consultants, and Counsellors will offer you daily support and inspiration to help you get your business blog up and running.

My Blog

Read my articles about how to write an effective blog for your business, including topics about SEO, uploads, formatting, and more.

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If you're ready to reach out and talk about my blog writing services, and how I could help you to nurture a wider audience from strangers into clients, here's how you can do that.

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