SEO Blog Management Service

for High-Ticket Coaches

Make more sales using organic content without spending hours writing every week or playing trial and error with paid ads.


Are the blogs on your website actually winning you clients? 

Or are they…

  • A little bit scattergun in approach?

  • Sporadic, despite your best intentions to write weekly?

  • Frustratingly difficult to measure the ROI?


I get it!

There’s hardly any info out there about how to write blogs that reliably lead to client acquisition. 

We’re told to ‘add value’ (so vague!) but not how to build the blogs into our sales funnel. 

So we end up writing endless how-to guides or personal anecdotes instead of powerful pieces of content that help our ideal clients to find us.

Katie Earl Editing

That’s where I come in.

I’ve helped clients in a range of industries to publish blogs that win them clients and establish themselves as a trusted expert. 
I do this because I want to help female founders to make their mark in their industry by publishing blogs that start important conversations.
You’ve worked bl00dy hard to become this good at what you do, and you deserve to be heard.


Working with Katie was a dream. She turned my video content into detailed and engaging blogs with relevant key words which saved me a huge heap of time. I now have 10 brilliant blogs in the sidelines to publish. The first one I published resulted in a huge spike of website traffic (4 x my usual traffic) and tonnes of engagement.

Gemma Gilbert

I can't explain what a super star Katie is at what she does! I didn't think outsourcing any of my content writing would be an option, but Katie proved me wrong. She took my social media posts, weekly emails and one too many voice notes and turned them into a comprehensive set of blogs that I'm so pleased with.

Danielle Bodicoat


Here’s how it works when you hire me to write your blogs:

1: I’ve assembled a trusted team who make it easy for you to let us take over your content creation - myself as your content writer, an SEO superstar, and a tech-genius VA.

We’ll immerse ourselves in your business goals, brand style, and values to be sure your authentic voice shines through in everything we create for you. 

2: Next we’re going to map out your sales funnel and create blog posts that keep all the cogs turning. 

It will widen the top of your funnel using SEO magic and a promotional strategy including social media and email marketing so that more ideal clients find your blogs.

At the same time, it will encourage readers to take the next step in your buyer’s journey with carefully crafted Calls to Action. 

3: Lastly, we’ll make sure the content of your blogs qualifies your readers so that imperfect clients deselect themselves, while dream clients are given automated opportunities to book their call with you.

In other words, we make sure that the people who reach out to you are the RIGHT ones. 


After working with me you will:

1: Have more, better qualified leads coming into your business ready for you to convert into clients

2: Have a fortnightly blog being published and promoted to your audience with just 1-2 hours time commitment from you every month. 

3: Be able to measure and track the impact your blog is having on your business because it’s built directly into your sales funnel.


Ready to get started?

If you'd like to apply to work with me on this service, click the button below to answer a couple of questions about your business. 

If you're a good fit, I'll email you back within 2 working days with a link to book a 30-minute discovery call to talk in more detail about whether you'd like to proceed!