The Health and Wellbeing

Content Marketing Care Package

Drive website traffic and generate reliable leads with a 

monthly optimised health blog and aligned social media and email copy


Are you struggling to grab the attention of your ideal clients?

You really know your stuff when it comes to health and wellbeing and you’ve got loads to say - but creating content for your business is overwhelming. 

Right now, you’re relying on word of mouth and referrals to bring you clients, but if you’re totally honest, you’d much rather have a reliable process for generating leads. 

You’re sick of the hamster wheel of social media. Everything you write sounds either too salesy or too scientific and dull. 

How do other people manage to sound so slick and confident in their marketing?

freelance health and well being writer

You want to be able to click your fingers and have everything written and ready to roll.

Maybe you’ve been burnt before by freelance content writers who just didn’t get it. 

Or you’re still not ready to hand over the reins entirely. As much as you love to moan about content creation, you also feel protective of it.

What you’d really love is to meet someone that you could download all of your ideas to, who could take them away and turn them into compelling content that’s ready for you to share. Someone who really gets what you’re trying to say and writes it exactly how you would, while you do the fun stuff of actually helping your clients. 

Imagine how much better you’d feel with all of that being taken care of?

Katie Earl Editing

Here’s how you could get exactly what you’re looking for

Using my experience in healthcare publishing and the writing skills I’ve honed over many years, I designed the Health and Wellbeing Content Marketing Care Package just for you. 

Each month, you’ll get:

  • A health or wellbeing blog post on the topic of your choice (and I’ll help you choose the best ones for your audience)

  • SEO and uploads taken care of - all you need to do is press Publish

  • Social media posts to promote the blog

  • Email copy to encourage your subscribers (remember them?) to click through and read

We’ll work together on this for 12 months - because content marketing is a slow burn and we’re here to get results, not just a few extra blogs gathering dust on your website. 


Working with Katie was a dream. She turned my video content into detailed and engaging blogs with relevant key words which saved me a huge heap of time. I now have 10 brilliant blogs in the sidelines to publish. The first one I published resulted in a huge spike of website traffic (4 x my usual traffic) and tonnes of engagement.

Gemma Gilbert

I can't explain what a super star Katie is at what she does! I didn't think outsourcing any of my content writing would be an option, but Katie proved me wrong. She took my social media posts, weekly emails and one too many voice notes and turned them into a comprehensive set of blogs that I'm so pleased with.

Danielle Bodicoat

2nd Star left (3).png

Prepare to start getting noticed

Past clients of mine have noticed a huge increase in website traffic when they promoted their blogs to their email list and social media followers - one of them found that it quadrupled her usual website traffic - and that’s why this offer combines everything.

I’ll be there every step of the way to help you with my own recommendations for topics and strategies to help you stay consistent with your content marketing. 

I bring years of experience writing content for the healthcare sector so I can look at everything that’s worked for previous clients and apply it to your business; I can identify the gaps in your strategy so that we can fill them pronto, and I can audit your social media channels and past email campaigns to tell you which topics deserve drawing out and repurposing into blogs. 


Does this sound like a dream?

If you'd like to take the first step towards solving your content writing headaches, it's time to book a call with me. Make sure you stick the kettle on and get ready for a good old natter! 

Chatting with my health sector clients is the best way for me to learn how I can best serve you and your business. On our discovery call, we'll keep it casual and explore whether we'd like to work together.

If you decide you'd like to work with me after the call, we'll continue to get to know each other. We do this, first and foremost, on a consultation call.

I'm not just talking about the usual stuff of who's your ideal client and what's your key message (although that's super important too!).

I'm talking about digging deep into what you want to say to the world. What's grinding your gears? What's getting you out of bed in the morning? What sort of conversations do you want to spark with your readers? 

After this, I’ll create a bespoke content marketing strategy for your business that encourages your ideal clients to buy from you again and again.

When we start writing the content, you’ll still be very much in the driving seat in terms of the messaging and authentic voice. I’ll take care of all the hard graft like getting the blogs written and creating copy to promote them to your email subscribers (remember them?) and your social media followers. 

Meanwhile, you can get on with the really important work: helping your clients to lead happier, healthier lives.   

So what are you waiting for? Let's talk about your content goals and find out if I'm the person to help you smash them.