Image of Katie Earl, content marketing writer

About Me

My clients solve life’s big problems - like improving their clients’ mental health or helping them to live with chronic illness - and are making a difference in the world.

Problem is, they’re so busy with their client work now that content creation is getting harder and harder.

They currently generate leads easily through social media, but hate the fact that they have to be on there every day relaying their messages over and over again.

Now that they know their content is resonating, they want to get some longevity into it in the form of evergreen blog posts.

Thing is, blogging takes time - time they don’t want to take away from their client work. It’s also pretty confusing, because don’t you have to get your SEO right for a blog to have any impact?

They always believed that they had to find a way to do this themselves...

...but that was until they met me :D

I saw the struggle, and heard time and again that outsourcing content creation wasn’t an option - they needed someone they could trust to get their brand voice spot on and convey their messaging perfectly.

So I designed a system that allows health and wellbeing specialists to partner with me to get their blogs written and uploaded. Instead of handing over the reigns completely, my clients send me their blog ideas and key messages as voice notes, bullet points, video transcripts, and more.

I then carefully turn those ideas into searchable, optimised blogs and upload them to their website. All my client has to do after that is click ‘Publish’.

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My Values

Consistency - For me, success means never having to worry about the future because you know it’s taken care of. That’s why my monthly retainer is my signature service, so that my clients know they can rely on me to write their blog for them every single month for as long as they need it.

Approachable - I love building relationships with my clients so that we can chat as casually as they would with a friend. No need to worry about your grammar or spelling when you send me your outlines, just say what comes into your mind and I’ll do the rest.

Trust - The most important value which underpins everything I do. I make sure I do everything possible to help my clients feel safe telling me their ideas, dreams, and beliefs. For this to work, they need to know they can trust me to treat their words and their boundaries with respect as I craft their blogs for them.

Learning - This is how I do what I do, by learning absolutely everything about my clients from their turn of phrase to their dreams for the future. It’s also about personal development; I love learning more and more about how to create blogs that deliver real results to my clients.

Simplicity - I’m all about making things as straightforward as possible, for myself and for my clients. We’re busy people, so filling our days with ease is the name of the game.

Ambition - I’m not talking about taking over the world, but rather I want to work with people who want to change the world in their own special way. Whether that’s retiring early to enjoy time with their family, becoming a thought leader, or shifting perspectives about their industry, helping people move closer to their big goals really makes me tick.