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Five blog topics that will turn new followers into red hot leads

Updated: Feb 25

Have you ever put off asking for help with something because you didn’t want to get sucked into a pushy sales call?

I know I have!

I’d hear about services that sounded immense, but I was a little put off by the service provider’s insistence that I book a call to find out more.

What if I wasn’t ready for a call just yet? As someone who has always been very introverted, I’d always rather read up on something than talk to a stranger, especially if talking meant standing my ground if I wasn’t ready to take the next step.

That’s just another reason I think blogging is such a powerful tool for your business. Even if you love having calls to talk through the service with potential clients, they might not feel comfortable with that yet - especially if they’ve only just discovered you exist.

So if you can create content that allows new followers to understand what you do, not to mention how and why you do it, you’re instantly making yourself more attractive to all sorts of different people.

You’re also more likely to be having your sales calls with red hot leads who are ready to invest. Isn’t that the dream? Content that effortlessly takes readers through your buyer’s journey over and over again.

So that’s what I’m going to be telling you how to do in this article. I’ve put all my best topic ideas in one place to inspire you to create an entire buyer’s journey in your blog strategy. I’ve even included a link to an example of each one that I’ve written for my own business.

Who are you?

I’m starting with this topic because it’s so pivotal to gaining know/like/trust with your audience but is often so overlooked in blog strategies!

By writing a blog about who you are, you’re helping new followers get to know the real you quickly and easily. For 1:1 services, especially if it’s over an extended period of time, knowing that they’ll get along with you and share your values and sense of humour is an important part of the decision-making process for your potential clients. By not letting them into your world, you’re depriving them of this important step, and potentially losing leads at the first hurdle.

These blogs don’t need to give your whole life story. Pick one story, or chapter of your life, that your audience will be able to relate to. Maybe you could write about a big decision you made, a problem you faced and overcame, why you set up your business, or something else entirely.

Here’s how I did this recently, by owning up to some of the mistakes I’ve made while setting up and running my own business. All of my clients are fellow solo-entrepreneurs so I knew this would be a very relatable topic!

What exactly do you do? How do you do it?

This might already be listed on the Services page of your website, but putting it into a blog format makes the information instantly more shareable. There’s loads of ways you can do this without it sounding like you’ve just copy and pasted the content too.

Remember that, as humans, we’re wired to tell stories, so you could describe your services through the lens of a story. Perhaps you could blog about the moment inspiration hit and you designed the service you now offer. Or maybe you could use a client testimonial as the starting point before giving more detail about the work you did together (with the client’s permission of course).

Alternatively, just dig into the detail of each step of the process. When I did this, I knew that a lot of my audience didn’t understand how someone else could possibly write blogs for them in their voice. Instead of using a story, I was very direct in helping them to visualise what it might look like so that they could begin to picture themselves working with me.

Who is your service for?

I don’t know about you, but one of the common objections I get on sales calls is that they’re not sure whether now is the right time to invest in the service. I’m always honest if I think my service isn’t right for someone, and give advice about what their next steps could be to take them a bit closer to the solution they’re looking for instead.

But what about if it is the right time for them? How would they know, if you haven’t helped them ask the right questions to decide?

Again, this type of blog has the potential to be quite dull if it’s not presented as a bit of a story! Instead of listing the qualities and traits of your ideal client, think about how you could jazz it up a bit. Or even better, make it interactive.

I used this style to help my readers decide if they were at a good point in their business to invest in their blog. See how it describes my ideal client, but does so in a way that lets the reader put themselves in my ideal client avatar’s shoes, just to see whether they fit?

Client success stories

These prove your results without people having to awkwardly ask whether it would work for them on a sales call. Of course, every client and every business is different. But if you can show the sorts of results your existing clients have achieved, it’s super reassuring for those people who are still on the fence.

There’s no need to be coy about these stories. Even though it can feel uncomfortable, make sure you shout about your clients’ wins loud and proud! No one else is going to do this for you (unless your clients feel comfortable and inclined to share, of course!) so make sure it’s easy for people to see how awesome you and your service are.

Here’s one I wrote recently, using quotes from a client feedback form. When I sent it, I included a tick box at the end so that the client could indicate whether they were happy for me to use their feedback in marketing and whether they were happy to be named in the feedback too (don’t miss this step when asking for feedback!).

Common objections

Every time someone gives you a reason they’re not convinced about your service, use this as inspiration for your content. If one person has thought it, chances are others will too!

Nip those objections right in the bud by making the answer to the question easy for your whole audience to read. Shift perspectives that might be holding your potential clients back from asking for help, and bust the myths that make your service seem unattainable.

I’ve got a few blogs about this (as you can imagine!) but here’s a link to my favourite one, and probably the most commonly asked question I hear about my service.

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