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5 ways to repurpose blogs into social media content

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Blogs are a fantastic way to make sure you have an abundance of social media content. Not only can you share your blogs via social media, and get that lovely traffic onto your website, but you can also repurpose those blogs to make even more content, without having to start over from scratch each time.

By getting into a good routine or repurposing process (even outsourcing to a VA), you can get off the treadmill of constant creation and reinforce the great work you already do by increasing its distribution.

Here are just 5 ways you can repurpose your blog into social media content

Create infographics or carousels

You can distill information or how-to guides into step by step carousels or infographics. These can easily be created in Canva, check out some ready made templates available. Create easily digestible information for those that maybe don’t favour reading longer form content.

Create call-outs or quotes

The world spins on sound-bites, so pull out these from your blog as short snappy quotes. These are not only good for promoting your branding, but they create shareable and savable content. Quick tips or thought leadership quotes are a great way to capture attention and stop the scroll. They can also prompt discussion if you ask your audience what they think.

Use as a video or podcast script

Your blog can act as a ready made script for video or podcast. Some people just won’t read a blog, they might struggle to find the time or even have reading difficulties so converting it into an alternative format can mean you widen your reach to a bigger audience. You don’t need to start with a big set-up for video, a phone and some quick branding elements in Canva can give you some nice looking videos that will work well on most platforms.

Reuse sections as captions

You can use sections of your blog as a series by splitting it up into separate captions. You can tell a story throughout the week, or even summarise the blog as a whole into one complete post.

Call out a product/service or collaborator

If you are sharing a review or have worked with a partner on your blog, you can give a behind the scenes look or ‘shout out’ to that particular person or business. If you worked together, your social media could be a behind the scenes look at how that happened, and the process. This will not only get people excited to read the blog, but connect you to that person’s social media audience too.

So there are 5 ways you can share your blog using social media. You put so much effort into your blog, make sure you are making the most of it!

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