• Katie Earl

Why consistent, high-quality blogging is the best way to get clients

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Blogging for your business can seem like a necessary evil. With so much ‘real’ work to be doing, it’s hard to find the time to post on social media consistently, let alone sit down for long enough to get into the right headspace to write a blog every week or even every fortnight. It starts to slip down the to-do list, as you convince yourself that there’s no point blogging now. It’s been 3 months since you last published a blog, what’s another month?

But I’m here to tell you this: your blog could be the most valuable untapped resource there is for attracting new clients. Period.

Why? Because publishing regular, high-quality content influences buying decisions. A lot. A recent study showed that 49% of B2B decision makers agreed that reading compelling content from a brand was likely to affect their decision to buy from that brand.

And another reason? Even though publishing amazing content regularly receives such an astonishing return on investment, that same study reported that only 17% of those surveyed considered the content they were reading regularly to be of high quality.

What that tells us is that a lot of people (i.e. your competitors) are regularly publishing rubbish, or aren’t publishing regularly at all. And if that is the case, whose arms are they driving customers into?

The small minority who are publishing the content that the customers want to read. That’s who.

I’m pretty sure you want to be in that minority, don’t you?

Well, that untitled blog sitting in your Google Docs isn’t going to help you get there I’m afraid.

There’s no magic sauce and there’s no secret password that will get you into the minority.

All you need to do is solve problems for your readers, and do so in a way that’s timely, concise, actionable, and different from anything they’ve tried before.

If you can commit to doing this regularly and to honing the craft of blogging so that you’re putting out quality content and not just the same old rubbish that your competitors are publishing, you will become a thought leader in your industry. Your audience will know you, they’ll like you, and they’ll trust you to solve their problem because they’ve seen you do it time and time again. You’ll know, like, and trust you because you’ve earned their attention, their affection, and their trust.

So now that you know about this gap in the market for quality writing, and the true value of filling that gap, are you sure you don’t have time to write a blog?

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