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Client success story: Danielle from Simplified Data

Updated: Feb 25

It’s always a bit uncomfortable to blow your own trumpet, isn’t it? But today I’m doing just that because I’m so over the moon with the results that my client Danielle achieved on the Pillar Content Perfection Programme (PCP).

The starting point

Danielle is an independent medical statistics consultant at Simplified Data. She’s also one of the beta testers of my premium offer: The PCP (now known as my blog launch package).

When we first started working together, she was finding content creation a real chore. Not only was she pouring hours into it every week, she was demoralised to see that after just a few hours her lovingly crafted posts were disappearing from the feed entirely. Everyone’s attention was redirected to new, fresher content, and she had to start all over again.

“I wanted to have something that was always available so that my audience could access it when they needed it rather than just me happening to email about it at the right time.”

Why the PCP?

Danielle knew that the health researchers in her audience were big consumers of long-form content. Despite having loads of ideas and Facebook lives that would be perfect as blogs, she’d never found the time to actually get them written up.

So, when she heard about the service I was trialing, she jumped straight on board. We were aiming to get 10 blogs written and uploaded to her website in a period of 8 - 12 weeks that would form her pillar, or cornerstone, content.

Despite looking for someone to help her in the past, she was convinced her subject was far too niche for anyone else to write the content for her too.

“I work in a pretty niche area (medical statistics) so I didn't think outsourcing any of my content writing would be an option, but Katie proved me wrong. She took my social media posts, weekly emails and one too many voice notes and turned them into a comprehensive set of blogs that I'm so pleased with.”

The work we did

Once we’d decided on the topics to cover and nailed down the style she likes to use in her content, we started on the really fun bit - writing!

In our shared Google Drive, Danielle uploaded emails she’d sent to her list, the transcripts of the facebook lives that had gone down so well with her audience, and also sent me voice notes for the topics she didn’t have existing content on.

After that I worked my magic. Just a few days after each piece of content was sent to me, Danielle had a fully optimised blog on her website, ready for her to review and publish.

“I expected to have to do a lot more editing of the blogs but you nailed the content even though it's such a specialist area”

The transformation

When we came to the end of the programme, Danielle had a whole library of content on her website that covered all of her key messages. We’d answered the burning questions her audience brought her time and time again. Even better, we’d established Danielle as the expert in statistical analysis that health researchers could turn to for help and guidance with confidence.

But of course, the blogs we wrote are just the start.

When I asked Danielle how the PCP had transformed her business, she told me: “I've had so many more leads and I feel like I've got a much more aligned comms strategy now. It's also helped with my social media posts as well because I pull a lot of the content out of blogs so it feels like everything is linking up and saving me time.”

My experience

Danielle is proof that no matter what your subject, if you’ve got the right person helping you out, blogging is an effective strategy that needn’t take time away from your client work. It can even help you dedicate more time to your clients, as you step back from the social media feed and allow your long-form content to do your lead generation for you.

Running a beta test of a new service is exciting and nerve-wracking in equal measure. I’m over the moon with the results we achieved together on this programme and I can’t wait to deliver it to more clients in the future.

Are you ready to take your content creation to the next level?

If Danielle’s story resonates with you and you’d like to find out more about my blog-writing services, I’d love to hear from you.

Please click here to drop me a message with your questions. If I think you’d be a good fit for the programme, we’ll arrange a discovery call to go through every detail.

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