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Client Success Story: Gemma Gilbert

Updated: Feb 25

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of my work is waiting for a client to fill in the feedback form. As soon as the email pings into my inbox, I have to know: what did they really think?

Gemma was one of the first clients to test out my Pillar Content Perfection Programme (now known as my blog launch package). When she submitted her feedback, I could tell that the work we’d done had been really impactful - for her and for me!

The starting point

Since I first met Gemma via her incredible business coaching Facebook group Mummy’s Got Clients, we’d talked a lot about the impact that blogging can have on your business.

Her content had helped me go from feeling muddled and confused about running my own business to finally understanding the steps I needed to take to make a success of it. The message she was spreading was powerful! But she was stuck in the cycle of using social media to get it out to the world:

She told me “I believe content marketing is the most powerful type of marketing. Although I love writing, I'd been really struggling to fit in blogging so despite it being a priority I didn't feel like I was making any headway.”

Why the PCP?

Gemma already had hundreds of ideas flying around in her head. She had Trello boards and Google Docs full of draft content as well as a Facebook group full of live videos that had garnered dozens of comments from her audience telling her how much it resonated with them.

But the problem was, those ideas were quickly losing momentum because of the nature of social media. “I wanted to implement strategies in my businesses that are off social media and have more longevity.”

The PCP allowed Gemma to address that problem head-on, by getting all of her best ideas into blogs that could stay on her website forever, nurturing her audience and generating new leads.

The work we did

The most important thing for both of us as we began our work together was to make sure everything I wrote sounded just like Gemma. Before we started, we had a long chat about how she likes to write her content: the tone, the phrases she likes to use, even the formatting of the blog.

We also talked through the key messages Gemma wanted the blogs to cover. This involved looking over the blogs that she’d written at the start of her business, the common questions she got from her audience, and which topics she wanted to be known for.

After that, it was a case of getting her blogs written! Some of them were based on live videos she’d recorded in her Facebook group, some were adapted from emails she’d sent that got great feedback from her audience, and others were brand new. For these ones, Gemma sent me voice notes talking through her point of view and the key points which I transformed into a blog post, before uploading each one to her website for her.

For more details about each stage of the programme, check out this blog I wrote that walks you through it step-by-step.

The transformation

So that’s what we did, but how did it help?

Well, Gemma didn’t just get a bank of evergreen blogs to publish.

At the end of the programme, she told me “I have only published 2 of the 10 blogs written so far. For the one I pushed, the traffic to my website was 4 x higher than usual with over 407 views on one day - 80% of this was to the published blog. I now have a bank of content to publish over the coming months which feels awesome.”

Here's a link to a few of the blogs we wrote together:

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My experience

Working with Gemma helped me in so many ways to develop the programme and my own blog-writing skills. Her style is quite different from my own, so it was a lot of fun to write blogs in her voice.

As well as being a lot of fun, working with Gemma helped me to make the PCP even better. Each week, we found new ways of making the process easier and more enjoyable, like creating a timeline of each blog we were writing so that we had better visibility of the progress we were making.

The cherry on top is knowing just how big of an impact the blogs are having on Gemma’s business. Knowing that just one blog boosted her website traffic so significantly is mind-blowing, and reaffirms the fact that this is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

It’s a real privilege to be able to help clients like Gemma to harness that without taking time away from their client work.

Does Gemma’s story resonate with you?

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