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How to turn your social media posts into blogs (and why you need to start now)

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

For anyone looking to scale their business, turning social posts into blogs is an absolute must. To explain why, I’m going to use an analogy...

He's a household name and an instantly recognisable voice on the radio now, but that wasn't always the case for Ed Sheeran.

Once upon time, he was riding the circle line for somewhere to sleep and busking his way around the country.

But from his first album, Ed's influence and audience began to grow exponentially.

Suddenly, you didn't have to be in the right place at the right time to hear him sing. You could get every song at the click of a button, no matter where you were or how long ago he recorded it.

And that's exactly what we want your audience to be able to do with your content.

If you're relying on social media to get the message out, you're busking out in the street every day. Sure, it's possible to grow a pretty sizeable and loyal audience by doing that, but nothing lasts.

If they're not logging on regularly and making a point of engaging with you, your carefully crafted posts will be lost to the scroll within hours.

Exhausting, isn't it?

Especially when your business really starts to take off and your client work begins to fill every working minute. How do you fit in content creation and audience growth when that happens?

And how do you start to extend your reach even further to people who aren't on social media? There's a big old world out there, and your service is so good you need to get the word out.

My advice?

Make like Ed and get that best-selling album recorded in the form of pillar content or blogs on the core burning questions that ALL of your clients need the answer to.

Write them in your words, write them in a way that will stand out, and write them somewhere you have total control over: your website.

Stop letting the cold weather or the authorities drive your audience away. Instead, take control of your audience growth, nurture sequence, and lead generation once and for all.

How to turn a social post into a blog

  1. Identify the most effective social posts to focus on. Blogging is a long-term strategy that increases the longevity of your posts. To really maximise on this opportunity, it’s important to focus your energy on creating blogs that will provide the most value to your readers and translate into leads for you. So which social posts answer the real burning questions of your audience? Which ones allow your audience to uncover the gap that your service plugs? And which ones really resonated with audiences?

  2. Select your keywords or phrases When you know what your audience needs the answer to, and how they describe their problems and their desires, you can make sure your blogs contain the words they would use. This means your blog will be much more likely to pop up when your audience searches for these words in google. For bonus points, include these keywords in your title, introduction, and your meta-description (the three lines that appear under your blog title in the search results on google).

  3. Expand the social post into subheadings Thanks to character limits, chances are you had to be pretty concise when you were writing your post the first time round. The beauty of blogging is that longer is better, so allow yourself the freedom to really dig deep into the issue. Use the points of the original post as subheadings to split the blog into manageable chunks.

  4. Use a call to action that will last The beauty of social media is that it’s fast-moving, but this is also its curse. You will only see results from your call to action on a social post during its limited lifetime in the feed. A blog is a different story though, especially if you’ve been smart with your SEO and keywords. So to make the most of this, make sure your call to action is one that will serve you in the long-term. Do you want to direct readers to your website, download a freebie that relates to the blog, or join your email list? Avoid mentioning time-bound things like challenges as your call to action and instead capitalise on the longevity of this type of content.

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