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Is there any point blogging if I'm not optimising for SEO?

Updated: Nov 24

I get asked this question a LOT. And I get it - SEO is daunting, confusing, and in some ways downright nonsensical.

It’s true that SEO is an important part of your blogging strategy. It’s especially true if you’re using it as a core part of your lead generation and audience growth.

But blogging is about SO much more than just being found on Google. So my short answer to this question is: yes! It is absolutely worth blogging, even if you don’t know the first thing about SEO. Let’s explore why I think that:

The simple act of blogging will naturally improve your website’s SEO

One of the reasons blogging is so great for your business is the constant stream of fresh new content being added to your website. A website that gets regular additions in this way is clearly a valuable website - and one worth promoting. So, if you’re doing this every week or every fortnight, even without optimising, Google will be much more likely to show your website to searchers than one that isn’t getting regular new content. If you’re promoting those blogs to your existing audience, they’re going to click through and spend time reading your blogs. This is another thing that Google loves to see. The longer a visitor spends reading your website, the more valuable your website will appear to Google, and therefore searchers. See how neither of these things requires you to do anything except write a great blog and put it on your website?

It keeps all your good ideas in one place for your audience to binge on, and nurture themselves into warm leads.

When you finally discover that brand new coach or expert in the thing you’re struggling with, you want to read every word they’ve ever written. Every blog title feels like it was written with you in mind. Your hands ache from taking down all the notes you need to remember. This is what we want from your blog. The people you can really help are dying to read the words you have to say. And they want those words all in one place so that they can discover it step by step. Let them walk through the aladdin’s cave of your mind! With each blog they read, your audience gets to know you a little better. You solidify in their minds that you are the person who knows how to help. Even better: you’re someone they’d really LOVE to work with. You get them, and you even have the same favourite TV show. By the time they’ve read 5 or 6 of your blogs, that call to action is a no-brainer. They want to be on your email list, like, yesterday. They’re following you everywhere. They’ve even treated themselves to a discovery call booking.

It sets you up in your corner of the internet, instead of being imprisoned by the social media feed.

I like to use an analogy for this idea. Solely using social media to get your message out to the world is a bit like busking. Every day you have to show up and do your thing. If you do it really well, you’ll likely get a pretty good name for yourself and a loyal following. But you still have to redo that message every day. The people who are listening are only the ones who happen to be there at the same time, and whose attention you could grab. There are people in loads of other cities across the world who might like to hear your songs, but they’re simply in the wrong place. You’re never going to reach them. And one day, the authorities might decide that busking isn’t allowed any more. You’ll have to shut up shop. All those people who came to listen to you every day no longer know where to find you or how to listen. But if you were to record your songs on an album and put them on the internet, anyone can hear them. Someone across the world can download your song at the click of a button, even if you’re fast asleep, or busy doing other things. If they like that song, they might download the whole album, and quickly become a huge fan. They’re going to go looking for you - they might even buy a ticket to your concert and travel from miles away to see you play. Social media marketing is like busking, but blogging on your website makes your posts (your greatest hits!) globally accessible. You can rely on those blogs to call in new audience members every day. So you can get on with serving existing clients or simply taking a well-earned break.

It shows the world how lovely you are!

A blog does not have a character limit. It doesn’t restrict you from using emojis, gifs, certain types of language, or saying whatever the hell you want to (within the realm of common decency, of course!). It’s your chance to be fully, completely, and unapologetically you. Want to keep the corporate, formal style you always have in your old job? That’s totally fine! Want to be silly and show off your unique sense of humour? Go for it! Want to throw in countless references to that very niche cult classic you’re obsessed with? Do it! Your blog is your blog is your blog. Only you decide what goes in it, and how you choose to communicate to your ideal clients. My advice is to be as you as you possibly can, because that is how you resonate with the people who love who you are! These are the people who will read your blog as soon as it’s published. They’ll recommend it to everyone they know, and will snap up offers to work with you as soon as they appear.

So those are the reasons why you don’t need to think about SEO to get started with blogging. But there is one caveat.

If blogging is a core part of your marketing strategy, you’re going to need to get SEO involved at some point if you plan to scale your business.

So all of the benefits I’ve listed above continue to be true even when you reach this stage of business. But to scale, you’ll need another way of getting eyes on those blogs than simply sharing with your email list or other existing audience. You need people to be able to find your blogs without your input.

There’s a few ways you can do it:

Learn how to do it yourself

With enough time on your hands, you can learn how to do anything. You don’t need to be a techy person to get started with your SEO - just learn the basics first and get stuck in.


For the true technophobes among us (or just anyone who’d rather not spend their time swatting up!), outsourcing is a great option. Since SEO is quite specialist and requires a lot of research into your business and your audience to get it right, don’t expect this to be a cheap option. However, for something that is truly core to the success of your business, it’s worth every penny to get it right.

Want to learn the basics of SEO for blogging?

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