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Should I batch create my content?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Something a lot of my clients ask me in the early stages of working together is whether or not they should be batch creating their content for social media, blogs and emails.

It’s definitely not a surprising question, seeing as we hear plenty of content creation wizards preaching the many benefits that batching has. Creating a few pieces of content in one go has the potential to save you time in the long run, help you get into a creative flow, and ensure real thoughtfulness, consistency and intention is weaving nicely through your content.

You knew there was a “but” coming…

Despite batching sounding nice and sexy on paper, the reality of it for many service providers and coaches is that the opposite can actually happen. You can end up spending more time on content, feel your creativity deplete due to the pressure, and as for intentional content… it often all blurs together because you feel tired and frankly, bored!

So if this is you, then this blog post will offer you some alternative approaches to content creation so you can go forth and get posting to your audience in a way that feels soooo much better.

Consider your sources of inspiration

Where do you tend to get your best ideas for content? Often conversations with your clients can spark ideas (spoiler alert: that’s what I’m doing right now with this blog post), or maybe you get asked certain questions` over and over again in your DMs. Maybe you get tonnes of inspiration listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos or reading books. Whenever and wherever you notice ideas naturally showing up, do more of those things in order to help inspiration along.

Schedule in more unplugged time

There’s a reason why absolute gems of ideas tend to come to us in the shower, when we’re walking the dog, or at 2am when we’re staring at the ceiling. It’s because our brain is firmly off the task of creating content, and mindfully on something totally unrelated. Brains love the freedom to roam. How often are you currently granting yours that freedom? Schedule in that dedicated time.

I used to listen to a podcast or audiobook in my ear pods when I went for walks - curse of the entrepreneur who feels the need to be “productive” at all times, eh! - but as soon as I stopped, and allowed myself the time, space and silence to just BE, my inspiration thanked me big time. My audience reaps the benefits of this, as my content is passionate, sincere and impactful.

Remember that it’s not all or nothing

You might have struggled with batch creating your content in the past, but still love the idea of being a little more structured with your process. You don’t need to be 100% winging it and only writing when you’re inspired in the moment, and you don’t need to be 100% batching at the same time every single week. There will be a middle ground that works for you.

A recent example that comes to mind is a client who is very busy with client work most of the time, and so her marketing time is limited - maybe an hour or two each week. She’d felt pressure to squash as much content creation into that window of opportunity, chaining herself to her desk staring at a blank laptop screen, but had felt her creativity suffer as a result.

So instead, she decided to commit herself to an inspiration date with herself, scheduling it into her diary each week with the commitment to simply, be. Let her mind rest and wander, and see what it dishes up. The focus isn’t on the outcome of content creation, but on the experience of connecting with what she wanted to talk about. A subtle shift, and not all that different on paper, but the difference in feeling has been mega.

The “quality over quantity” trap

I’ve definitely recommend prioritising good quality content over posting for the sake of it, but as I’ve grown in my business I’ve come to realise that actually this narrative can stifle us. We feel an expectation that our content needs to be high value and quality, otherwise it’s not worth posting. But what if you’re a perfectionist? What if you’re feeling insecure about your expert status? What if you’re not feeling good, smart, worthy, XYZ enough? This is when “quality over quantity” can easily shackle us and stop us from showing up all together.

Instead of feeling like every single piece of content needs to be bloody perfect and the best post your audience has ever seen, I invite you to relax into the knowledge that content is fleeting in the minds of its consumers. No one is thinking about it for hours on end. No one is scouring your posts for typos. No one is analysing your message as closely as you are. Permission to chill out, granted!

I now believe that it’s always better to post something rather than nothing. Plus, every time you post, you’re flexing your creativity muscles and getting better at articulating what you do. I have a whole blog post going into more detail about this right here if you’d like to check it out, Content Creativity - How to Reframe Marketing as a Joy, Not a Means to an End.

I really hope this blog post has helped you think a little differently about how you approach the content creation for your business. If you’d like to keep up with me and my musings, find me over onInstagram and whiz me a DM saying you came from here - I would LOVE to know!

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