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Client Success Story: How I helped my client start a business blog

Updated: Feb 7

Jenni Schanschieff is sitting in her garden in front of a light brown fence. She's wearing a pink long-sleeved top and grey trousers, her hair is curled.
Jenni Schanschieff, Jenni Schanschieff Consulting Ltd.

Getting the tone of your brand voice right is crucial for any business. But an effective brand voice doesn’t have to mean stuffy and boring - and my client Jen is proof of that! Helping her to start her blog, and writing in her unique and expressive voice, was an absolute joy.

Jen is a Certified Dubsado Specialist and Client Experience Strategist. She describes herself as “a cheeky kiwi living in the UK, who secretly wishes they had trained as a backing dancer for Britney”. She helps coaches to uplevel their business by streamlining their processes into one easy system and cutting down their client admin by 80%.

When she first came to me, she had a big dilemma: she really wanted to start a blog, but every time she sat down to write one, she just couldn't find the words to create a post.

Fast-forward to today and together we've been able to create a library of blog content for her website that conveys her key messaging, nurtures her readers into warm leads, and positions her as a true expert in her field.

Here’s how we did it.

The starting point

Jen knows exactly who she is AND who her ideal clients are. But she also knew that she needed to do something different to get in front of them.

She’s all about streamlining, so blogging was the perfect next step for her marketing strategy to help her strip back on the social media posting and instead focus on creating really valuable content with longevity.

Jen told me: “I knew I wanted to start a blog as I didn't want my content to disappear after a couple of days like it does with social media. But it felt like such a big job to get started with and I wasn't sure where to start.”

The kick-off call

The first thing I do with any new client is to have a kick-off call. Here, we chatted through everything from Jen’s ideal client, her core messaging, her process, and any topics she didn’t want to include in her blog.

This was also where I started to learn more about her personality and her communication style. It was so different from how I write - including cool phrases like shit-hot boss and proud AF - which made the process even more fun.

Jen’s brand voice is all about confidence as well as being relatable and down to earth. By studying her existing social media content and looking through her brand style guidelines, I was able to get a feel for the sorts of phrases and word choices that would make her blogs sound exactly like her.

Deciding on the topics

One of the biggest challenges Jen had faced before she came to me for help was thinking of the topics and content to put into her blogs. She had lots to say, but was struggling to get those messages into a blog format.

We began by running through some topic ideas on our kick-off call, and to make it even easier to create the outlines for me, I encouraged Jen to send me voice notes on Voxer.

Each time she sent a voice note, she was able to give me so much detail on her point of view and on the information she needed her audience to know from each blog. Allowing herself to think out loud also meant I could hear exactly how she’d naturally phrase everything, which was even more helpful for making sure I could nail the brand voice we needed.

Then, it was a case of transforming the voice note into a structured blog, fully optimised to allow her ideal clients to find it when they were searching for that topic.

Jen found the process “really sound and clear”, and said that this also helped hold her accountable to keeping up with her blog - “that's deffo needed in my case so thank you.”

The result of our blogging work

Six months on, Jen now has a library of blogs on her website that she’s proud to share with her audience.

All of her key messaging is immortalised in these blogs, so new audience members who discover her website will be able to go through her buyer's journey over and over again without Jen needing to repeat those messages every few days like she did on social media.

Here’s a link to a few of the blogs we wrote together:

How to use proposals to build trust and sign more coaching clients

Never have I ever...needed to automate my client admin this badly

The three pillars of a 5-star client experience

I’ll let Jen tell you how the blogs have impacted her business:

“Working with Katie meant I finally got my blog off the ground. Without her, I doubt

that I would have! Her process is really clear, she's super professional and fun to

work with and has created fantastic blog posts that I can now use over and over in

my marketing and on Pinterest to drive traffic to my website. I highly recommend!

Would you like my help to get your own blog started?

If Jen’s story resonates with you, and you’d like to find out more about how I could help you start your own blog, I’d love to chat.

Click here to book a free blogging discovery call so that you can find out whether I’m the right person for you.

Not ready to reach out yet? No problem, you can find out about all of my blog-writing services on my website too.

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