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The real reason you’re putting off writing a blog

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

(Spoiler: it’s got nothing to do with being too busy.)

On a discovery call this week, as we started to dig deep into the reasons Clare* was putting off writing content, she asked me “Did you sign up to be a therapist?!”

And the answer was…actually, I kind of did.

Don’t get me wrong: I am absolutely not a healthcare professional, nor do I have any counselling or psychotherapy qualifications.

But the reason I said yes is because, all too often, the underlying struggles that I help my clients overcome are rooted in their insecurities about being the expert in their field.

As business owners in the 21st century, if we want to get our marketing right, we have to show our audience just how knowledgeable and helpful we really are.

We have to put ourselves out there and say “I’m kind of a big deal”.

And that is sh*t scary on the best of days, let alone the ones when you’re feeling insecure about not having won any new clients in a while.

Believe me when I say, everyone you see who is running a successful business has had to do their fair share of mindset work to be able to step up to the plate every day and show up consistently. You are not the only one feeling like you’re trying to jump onto a train as it speeds past.

Clare* was paralysed by the feeling that no one understood what she did, to the point where she was wondering what she did as well. Where could she even start?

Anne* had only just secured her first client, and was so shocked that someone had agreed to buy her services that she was forsaking every other part of her business to make sure the client was happy. “It’s the holy grail” she told me, while also admitting how scared she was to get back on the marketing horse to go and secure some clients that would actually allow her to make the income she needed.

Sarah* loved to write in her spare time, but was so worried that her personality and writing style would scare potential clients off that she never felt ready to put pen to paper for her business.

Can you relate to any of these fears? I know I can.

When we allow these fears to hold us back from building the business of our dreams, we give our insecurities more power, and they grow bigger.

We allow our lack of confidence to dictate our actions. This, in turn, dictates our income, our client base, and our whole lives.

So how can we take back control and start seeing results?

To overcome this problem, we have to take emotion out of our business processes. We have to build a system that we can follow, like clockwork, every time we sit down to work. In short, you have to JFDI.

When you can do this consistently, you will begin to see results from the tried and tested methods that any business coach will tell you to do. You’ll grow your audience, generate leads, make sales, and do it all over again. You’ll shrink your insecurities at the same rate that you celebrate your successes.

Success breeds success. If you can build these habits and remove emotion from your processes, soon enough it will be your actions dictating your level of confidence, not the other way around.

Imagine how confident Sarah* would feel describing her offer in her own words if she’d already had three readers tell her how much they can relate to her?

Imagine how Anne* would feel to achieve a new holy grail client every month, instead of just the once?

Imagine how Clare* would feel if she’d built up a library of content that so clearly showed her audience who she really is and how she solves their problem that everyone who reached out to work with her shared her values and sense of humour?

Imagine how you’d feel in the same boat?

It all starts with recognising that the little voice in the back of your mind stopping you from blogging is telling you a load of rubbish. Then, committing to a plan of action that you’ll follow in spite of the feeling that you’re not good enough.

I’m writing this today to tell you: you ARE good enough. And your audience can’t wait to read what you’ve got to say.

I can tell you this confidently, because every client of mine who has come to me with these worries has found this to be true when we got their blogs out to the world.

So quit browsing social media and reading other people’s blogs. Get out there and write yours. Then write another, and another, until the doubt has gone.

Need a little help getting started?

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