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Thinking of outsourcing your blogging? Ask yourself these 3 questions first

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

It’s a real milestone to reach in your business: having the need, and the ability, to outsource the tasks you no longer want to have to do yourself.

Enlisting a VA to help you with your admin, marketing, and social media can be a godsend. When you begin to implement more systems into your business, getting help to set them up is usually a no-brainer too.

But what about blogging? That can be a more difficult decision. At what point should this be your priority? And how do you find the right person who you can trust to get your words right?

To help you decide if now might be the right time to take the leap and outsource this vital marketing tool, ask yourself these questions.

Why are you thinking of outsourcing blogging?

Have you run out of time to create content because you’re very wisely spending your time on high income-generating tasks like client work and networking?

Or is it because you’re struggling with your time management, and everything is getting on top of you?

If it’s the latter, outsourcing is NOT the answer. Why? Because the time you free up by removing blogging from your to-do list will simply be swallowed up as quickly as you can say “What next?”. It simply won’t have the impact you want it to have.

Time management is something we all need to work on, so if this seems like it might be the reason you’re struggling to create content, make sure you address this first. Look up tips and tricks on productivity, or invest in training or coaching to help you focus.

Then, once you’ve moved yourself firmly into that first category of spending all of your time serving clients, outsourcing can be a strategic business decision, and not a desperate attempt to stop your ship from sinking.

Have you had a chance to develop your business personality and brand identity?

In the first year or two of business, your services, messaging, and personality will change a LOT. I think it’s really important to use this time to feel into who you are as a business owner. The process of creating your own content during this time of huge change will allow you to discover your own style, your values, and your personality as a business owner.

If you were to outsource your blogging at this stage, you not only take away your opportunity to do this, but you also make it much less likely that the content you’ll commission will truly convey what you want it to.

Think about it: as a content writer, it’s vital to understand the message your client needs to convey to their audience or you’re simply stabbing in the dark when you begin writing. Over time, this leads not to a library of aligned, spot-on marketing, but a jumble of incoherent messages that are more likely to confuse than inspire.

So if you’re not sure what your key messages, communication style, or brand identity really is, hold onto your content creation. Allow yourself the opportunity to explore how you want to convey your message, then pass this over to a content writer when you can clearly explain what it is they need to create for you.

How does the thought of outsourcing make you feel?

When you run your own business by yourself, your marketing is incredibly personal. Your business is your baby, and your content is the window through which the world looks in on you. It’s no wonder so many of us refuse to ask for help with it: get it wrong and you could risk undoing the amazing reputation you have painstakingly built from scratch.

If you’re feeling resistance to the idea, but logically think it’s the right thing to do for your business, ask yourself why you’re not totally convinced. Is it simply that you’ve not found the right person? Or does your content still feel too personal to outsource?

If it’s the former, this is an easy fix. Ask around to find out how other people get their content written. Who do they recommend? Then check out testimonials and previous work. Any writer worth their salt will be happy to chat through their process and their experience with you before you decide, so use this as an opportunity to really get to know them. Do they seem like someone you could talk to in-depth about your business and what it means to you?

If it’s the latter, perhaps outsourcing your blog isn’t right for you. We all have our strengths, so perhaps instead of your blog, you could find something else to outsource. This could be something that feels less personal but would free up enough of your time to be able to concentrate on blogging.

Decided to outsource?

If you’ve answered each of these questions and are convinced that outsourcing your blog is your next step, I can help!

My mission is to partner with business owners and help them to become thought leaders in their industry. I want to enable them to get their message and their story out there so that they can continue to change the world in their own special way.

If you’d like to know more about how I could create a bank of bespoke blogs in your own words, you can find more details at or get in touch to discuss what that could look like for you.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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