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What happens when you outsource your blogging to me?

Updated: Nov 24

One of the first things people ask me about outsourcing their blog is: how would that even work?

And I get it: how could someone else write your blog for you? Something so personal, and so completely intertwined with your whole business mission, vision, and purpose. When you run your own business by yourself, it feels very personal. Wouldn’t it be like asking someone to write your journal for you?

And yet, a lot of the people who ask this are looking for a solution to a problem. They would LOVE to have a regular blog for their business. They see the benefits of blogging, some of them have even experienced these benefits from blogging back in the early days of their business.

But nowadays, with the momentum they’ve gained and the consistent stream of clients they’re working with, blogging has had to take a back seat. Instead, they’re relying on quick-fix marketing like social media posts, live videos, or quick weekly emails.

Thing is, even if these methods are working for you, you’re probably noticing how often you have to refresh your content just to stay visible to your audience. You might have spent ages piecing together the wording for an amazing post that really resonated, but within a few hours or days, it’s slipped down the social media feed and into the abyss. What blogging will do is take those ideas and make them permanent. It creates a library of your very best work, ready and waiting for new followers to explore. It turns your website into an aladdin's cave of wonder.

When someone who needs your help discovers it, they will binge-read every blog you’ve written, until finally coming up for air knowing with certainty that you can help. What’s more, they trust you entirely, because they’ve got to know your values, your methods, your approach, your purpose. So, if this is you, and you would love some help with your blog but can’t even imagine outsourcing, let me paint you a picture. If we were to work together to get your blogging game on par with your spot-on messaging, here’s how it would go:

  1. I get to know you and your style If I’m going to write like you, I need to know exactly who you are and what you’re about. I don’t need to know your favourite food or your deepest darkest secret. I just need to know what makes you tick and what’s important to you, and what’s important to your clients. So we’ll have a kick-off call to really dig into what you want your blogs to do, and what your audience is looking for. How do you want these blogs to serve them? What’s your favourite piece of content you’ve ever written? Which post got the best response? After this, I go away and study your existing content in detail. I create a style guide that describes the tone of voice you use. I also create a list of the blog titles I plan to write for you, which incorporate your style, your key messaging, and some SEO magic. Then, I ask you to check it over to see if you agree. We chat again, to talk about what I got right, and where you want to make tweaks. That’s because this process is a partnering, not a fenced-off mystery.

  2. You have full creative control of the blogs we write together What the hell is creative control? It means you’re the boss when it comes to these blogs. I’ll advise about how to make the most of the text from an SEO standpoint and what works for helping readers to stick with your content. But when it comes to the message and the final product, I’ll never force you to include anything you don’t like in your blog. For each one I write, you will be asked to review and comment with the changes you want made. If you want me to start from scratch because it really isn’t working, that’s exactly what I’ll do. At the end of the process, I’ll upload them to your website but you’ll be the one to click ‘publish’. See? Total control.

  3. I’ll make the blogs sound like you, but also make them Google-friendly Part of the reason blogging is so beneficial is because it allows your voice to be heard anywhere, not just on your social platform of choice. To do this, though, we need to get some SEO magic involved. Now, don’t worry - just because you have creative control and the final say over your blog doesn’t mean you have to be involved in this element. It’s usually the thing that’s put you off blogging to begin with, so I’ll take this off your plate completely. Before writing your blogs, I conduct research to find out what people are googling about your service. I check that we’re using all the right words to make sure your blog won’t disappear into obscurity. One of the things I pride myself on, though, is not letting that technicality affect the flow of the writing. I’ll tell you as much or as little as you want to know about how I’m making sure your blogs will be found by the right people. Total transparency - but if you’d rather focus on the words and let me take care of Google, that’s your call.

  4. You’ll be able to cross “write blog” off of your to-do list forever My service is designed to be as hands-off as reasonably possible, to allow you the time to get on with all the other bits of your business that you really love doing. I’ll notify you well ahead of needing any input from you, and make sure you know exactly when and how to give me your feedback when the latest blog is ready. So, you’ll have regular blogs going out on your site without the 3+ hours you used to have to spend creating them yourself. For each one, I’ll need some content to guide my writing - voice notes, bullet points, or existing content like emails you’ve sent to your list - and half an hour or so for you to read and review the blog when it’s written. That’s it - easy peasy!

If this sounds relatively painless and like something you’d like to talk more about, why not drop me a message to find out about my availability? If you prefer, we could even book a virtual cuppa to have a chat about where you're at and if I'm the right person to help you.

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