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Teaching my client how to write lead-generating blogs for her business

Have you ever tried to upload a blog to your website, only to be met with an aggressive plugin and red sad faces all over your content?

It’s pretty off-putting for the best of us, but especially if you’re brand new to writing blogs for your business! And that’s exactly what had stopped my client Ali from writing any blogs for a long time.

Ali came to me because she wanted some help turning dozens of social media posts into blogs, but my done-for-you service wasn’t quite right. She loved writing, and was hoping I could teach her how to get started and overcome the barriers she was facing.

And that led to the very first bespoke blog-writing programme that I ever ran.

Shying away from the SEO plugin

When we met, Ali was mainly using social media to market her counselling business Ali Harris Therapy. Every day, she published insightful, valuable, funny posts on Facebook that often led to clients.

But the posts were long, and took ages to put together. She enjoyed doing this, and knew that blogging would be the next step. She wanted these ideas to take pride of place on her website and to generate clients over and over, not just on the day she wrote them.

And that’s where her rather over-zealous SEO plugin had thrown a spanner in the works. Put off by the feeling that her content was no good, she’d stalled on writing the blog she knew she needed.

A yellow square with an angry face leans against a brick wall. Sad faces from your SEO plugin can be daunting for new blog writers
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Coming up with blog topic ideas

The first thing we covered was how to research what Ali’s ideal clients were struggling with. We needed to understand what sort of things they were googling, and what held them back from investing in counselling.

I used Ali’s understanding of her clients to dig more deeply into keyword research, producing a huge database of the most searched-for terms and phrases related to her specialism. This meant we could comb through Ali’s social media posts to find the ones that answered those questions most effectively.

These would be the posts that would give the best results once they were turned into blogs.

How to turn social media posts into blogs

Once we’d created a content plan, we began combining some of Ali’s best posts into blogs. I taught Ali my tried and tested process for turning social media posts into blogs - which combines blog-writing best practice with advice about letting your personality shine through.

We planned to write three blogs, and with each one I had less and less involvement in the content and upload process to allow Ali the opportunity to practice the process herself.

Two women face away from the camera looking at a laptop. Learning how to write lead-generating blogs for your business.
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SEO and promoting the blogs

The most important part of the programme for Ali was the technical side of blog-writing: uploading her blog and making sure it was visible to the people who needed to read it.

Just like with the writing process, I talked Ali through how I did this for the first blog, before handing over the reins to her for the later blogs. Ali uploaded these by herself and I provided feedback on a call to show her where improvements could be made to the formatting, structure, and SEO.

What did Ali take from the programme?

By the end of the programme, Ali felt confident writing, uploading, and promoting her blogs to her audience. Since we finished working together in Spring 2021, she’s continued to add more and more blogs to her website every month.

She also had this to say:

“Katie is friendly, a pleasure to talk to and is excellent at writing great content for your blog, in your voice. She also taught me all the things I wanted to know about how to use my Wordpress blogging functions and features effectively. All the posts she wrote for me as I learned resulted in me gaining clients. What more could you ask for?!”

Want to learn what Ali learnt?

If you’re avoiding writing blogs because a part of the process is too overwhelming, or maybe you’ve been put off by previous experience, I’m here to help.

My free group Blog Magic is where I spend most of my time online, providing training, inspiration and support for your blog-writing. I also give you the opportunity to share a blog with the group every Friday to drive website traffic.

Click here to join the Facebook group today.

And if you’d like to know more about working with me 1:1, click here to find out about the mentorship programme and to get in touch.

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